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Daily or weekly posts always show up on the home page and can be scrolled down in decending order of post.  This page, however, is meant to organize said blogs in some sort of file system for retrieval and gives you a good look at what’s on this site and how to get there (click it).  Links which appear under the webpage banner are organized by topic (for example, reach this page anytime by clicking the “Blog Post Index” link above).  This index is always updated before the Section pages below the banner.

Journey To Getting There

Downsizing 7/9/2017

Downsizing, Sorting the Small Stuff.  Two posts, Feb. 9 and Feb. 10, 2018 discuss using small boxes to sort neatly over a period of time.

Downsizing – the Bookcase Method.  Also discusses clothing bags, weekenders and duffle bags.

Downsizing Music and Movies 7/23/2017

RVs and Camping Equipment

Our list and photos of RVs, Trailers, tents and things we’ve used.  Tents, trailers, Class B’s and a motorhome.  Porta-potty tents and campground accessories.  Even an oven with grill.


Cost of Restoring a 1989 Dodge B350 V-8 High Top Camper Van, This was to be the vehicle we were going to do our then 1-year journey.  2 adults + 2 good size dogs and a month living in it awaiting a Colorado home changed our minds.  Perfect for 1 + pet or 2 and maybe 1 pet if small.  So in prepping to sell I pulled the records to share for others who want to take the rebuild it so it doesn’t keep breaking down and I can use it route.


Replacing pleated curtains

Independence Day July 2017

Trailer Shopping

Cargo Carrying Capacity (CCC) and Water Weight (7/15/2017)

Camping California

Sierra Mountain Camping

Glacier Lodge Series starts Feb. 11/2018 and continues through (currently ongoing so will post finished date later).  Big Pine and nearby camping iis also discussed.

LaJolla Indian Reservation Circa 1970s & 80s.  It will never be the same.  This article looks back on the old days.  If you don’t have a pet you can still camp there today and now they have RV spots.

Red Rock Canyon State Park.  Another absolute favorite.

Camping Colorado

Pike Forest Blue Mountain Labor Day Weekend September 2016.

Roosevelt National Forest Walk The River With Us– Cache La Poudre Labor Day Weekend September  2017.  Provides a link to the video.

Cache La Poudre Getting There 9/2017.

Cache La Poudre Bikers and Bears.  Tells the story of the name and gives a link to some bikers I found while hiking the road and taking pictures.

First Aid and Safety

Safety In Camp 7/28/2017

Bears Near Camp Cache La Poudre area Sept. 2017. Sprained ankle help.  9/17 – who knew?

Spa In a Forest.  Footpain, back pain, neck pain – I had it all this weekend but refused to give up the trip.  Winter was coming.  How I survived at La Poudre.  A future video is planned with some footage of this period.


Carrots! A story about training and replacing biscuits with carrots for our dogs.

The Cat Who Came In From The Cold.  We lost her for a year while she stayed at a campground after jumping ship.

How we make our dog food.  We will be updating this in the near future.

Bear Camp Video is here but it needs to be remade.  It discusses a bear in a nearby camp eating camper’s food.  It was among my first learning attempts at filmora software and I still had a lot to learn.  I will redo it.

 General Discussion

Post Stroke Success 7/14/2017

Labor Day 2017 Bikers on Hwy 14.  Video taken at Dutch George of unknown bikers.  If anyone knows these guys let them know they have this keepsake for the taking.

 About Us:  These are posts that provide an insight into our world in some way.

REBOOT.  Why Christine wasn’t blogging for 4 months.

Snowboots In September.  Related to the Above

Smart Phones Are Now Welcome In Our World!  2/8/2018

Cost of Organizing and Accumulation of Stuff With Age (2/10/2018) is a downsizing article that provides a look into some of our part-time ventures in the past.



The Journey To Fulltime RVing & Places Been, Places To Go