Camping California

Christine says, having grown up in California my camping experience began with Palomar Mountain in sixth grade school camp.  I was hooked forever after and once I was on my own after highschool I always kept a packed blue Milk Crate full of camping supplies in the hall closet.  The car was almost always gassed up Thursday night during the summer just so things were ready should a couple or more of us decide to make a weekend of it.

When I met Wayne we bonded over many a campfire.  After marriage our dream became to take off one day once retired and go until we didn’t want to go anymore.  Those days are coming soon and thus we are filling our California pages with our maps and notes from over the years so they are handy when we are on the road headed towards them.  We hope some of you find them useful as well.  Use the drop down box above to find individual site/area information, photos and maps as they become available.

The Journey To Fulltime RVing & Places Been, Places To Go