Kern River CA area Including Dispersed Camping

The Kern River areas are favorite California summer water spots.  Hot in the summer many look to the water for relief during the day.  Use caution, however as the waters can be deadly in areas.

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Upper Kern River below Johnsdale Bridge, listed in decending order between bridge southernly to Kernville along 99.

Kern River Ranger District Information, Campground Camping, Dispersed Camping

Brush Creek, Dispersed Camping

Limestone, Campground

Roads End – this camping area included cabins, a general store and restaurant/bar.  The McNally Fire in 2002, claimed all of it.  Now day use with paved parking.

Fairview, Campground

Old Kern River Map from my files …

Calkins Flat, Dispersed Camping

Chamise Flat, Dispersed Camping

Goldledge, Campground

Springhill, Dispersed Camping

Corral Creek, Picnic, Dispersed Camping

Hospital Flat, Campground

Chico Flat, Dispersed Camping

Thunderbird, Dispersed Camping

Camp 3, Campground

Halfway Group Campground

Headquarters, Campground

Riverkern Beach Picnic Site

Kern River Sequoia RV Resort (formerly Camp James  Campground on the Kern River)

The Kern River Sequoia RV Resort offers camping along the Kern River.  Campsites run $39 -$59 per night and RV rentals $130 – $180/night. Pricing as of July 2017.  Cabins are also available.

Wayne and I camped here in 2007 when this campground was known as Camp James.  I (#412) was part of a few sisters who organized what was perhaps the first and maybe the only co-ed bring-your-hubby Sisters On The Fly gathering.  We had a blast.  This group of ladies are the friendliest, funnest, craziest group of fly-fishing ladies to hook up with.  If you are a woman who loves to camp and have fun consider this group for your adventures and no, you don’t have to fish (but if you love fly fishing they have the best organized excursions to go on).  Due to health problems I was only a sister for about a year but I never lost my love for the group.  Wayne and I are now on the Journey To Getting There (our fulltime RV adventure) but perhaps someday I will once again be a sister with an active number.



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