Zuchinni Pan With Cobs & Chops

Tonight is left-over corn cobs warmed on the cast iron while pork chops are cooking.

A Zuchinni Pan simmers on the 2nd burner.


Zuchinni Pan

Mix sliced zuchinni, mushrooms and onions with about 3 Tablespoons Avocado Oil to coat.   Simmer until almost desired consistency.  Add chopped tomatoes until warm.  Add oil as needed in small amounts.

Frequently stir during all phases of cooking.

Other Options:  Parmesean Cheese melted on top.  Walnuts or sugar/China peas added to the pan when zuchinni goes in.  Bean Sprouts or spinach added at time tomatoes go in.  If you have left over cooked bacon sprinkle it in long enough to warm it.

Season with Italian Herbs and and a bit of Himalyan Salt and a touch of pepper, if so desired.

The pork chops can be substituted with steak, fish, chicken or left off entirely.  Salt, pepper and a small amount of garlic powder flavor the pork chops well.  If you have apple sauce serve on the side.

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