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We have been campers all our adult lives and are looking forward to retirement years of fun.  Our dream has been to not have to pack up because we must be at work at 8 a.m. the next morning.  We have been planning a one year trip together since the late 1980’s and have camped together since then as well.  Our one year planned adventure has turned to two as we add new stops to our expectations.  We are currently on the Journey To Getting There (soon to be a YouTube series) and in the final stages before our take off day.  Final stages for us are now as we continue to downsize and begin to have to weed out things we wanted to take but cannot due to space and weight.  We have not yet chosen our trailer but we have looked for four years.  Our Class B will soon be sold but we are not yet ready to put a trailer in the driveway.  We will explain where we are in our choice via future YouTube.  Please enjoy the benefits of these web pages..  We are downsizing our maps and putting our camping notes and information online in a file cabinet system for our use on the road and know others who find it will like it as well.
Camping Christine and Wandering Wayne at
(Christine Here)  Wayne and I have had more than one business together (part time aside from our full time jobs) and we always worked together well.  Wayne started off as a printer from high school into rubber stamps and printing into printing and advertising layouts for the largest film processor that time west of the Mississippi.  He seems real shy but once you know him he is funny and seems to think quickly resulting in some good replies.  Christine had six years of yearbook layout and writing, waitress and restaurant management medical front and back office, setting up medical offices and medical departments, creating a national medical form,  and trained as a medical contact lens technician before contact lenses were approved for wear by everyday people.  After getting out of medical I became an advertising assistant for a large regional auto client, then started a cycle of disabilities due to an auto accident that required one and a half years physical therapy for my neck followed by sporatic therapy for the next 10 years.  Later my spine would require a lot of long needles, fibro would hit and two hip joints decided to give out.  Through most of that I was able to get 20 years in with a union but alas as hard as I tried I could not work much further than that.  So everything stopped for me as far as work and I work on a lot of the downsizing while Wayne continues to work as long as he is able.  Downsizing takes a long time for me due to disabilities but having 10 years helps!

During our very active work full time jobs and run part-time businesses that take almost that long sometimes we had a lot of working togetherness.  For example, we had a graphic arts business and made flyers,, logos, business cards, T-shirts, etc. back in the computer day BEFORE you could buy a $30 program (now free!) and do all those things.  No longer do you need a $1000 machine to make a T-shirt just buy a box of $20 inkjet labels and use your iron.  We hand cut cards with an Xacto Knife sometimes after machine laminating them.

Everything was together.  We helped each other decide on logo designs and colors, proofed the work, cut the cards, approached the clients cold (we got an artist at a craft show, a marble contractor via door-to-door ads, a store market via a cold visit and leaving a flyer, etc. etc. ) Our motto for avoiding arguments and creative conflicts was that if we disagreed whoever did the most to bring that client in had the final decision.

So what we create is part of me and part of Wayne even when it doesn’t show.   Christine tends to write more.  Wayne will be doing a lot of the camera  work as well as working on getting us there.  He has plans for the 360 degree “planet worlds.”  This website is a mix of both of us.


The Journey To Fulltime RVing & Places Been, Places To Go