Costs of Restoring An Old Class B

White with brown striped 1989 Dodge Class B camper van.
The original paint job. This was an EXACT MATCH to the photo I cut from a magazine and posted on my “Wish Board.” Never discount the power of a Wish Board.

What’s In A Year?  Quite a bit when it’s 2007 and you are looking at a 1989 Class B.  Having owned my share of older cars when I bought them, one even being a previously owned Class B, I knew it was a roll of the dice when it came to price versus future repairs and believing the salesman.

Sage green paint in two tones make for a very nice makeover on the camper.
The result of years of work is a real facelift.


Now that it’s been 10 years ownership and we are getting ready to sell her I had gathered all the auto receipts I could find and put the information in a spreadsheet.  When we purchased the camper we were assured of it’s great running condition and previous care.  We flew from CA to OR and spent the first night on the way home in the new camper waiting for AAA service to help us continue on our way.  Sigh.  He lied.

The Class B is a great choice for a camper as it doubles as an everyday car.  It fits in almost any parking space and there is room to make U-turns at 4-way stop signs.  Backing up is easy and there is plenty of room inside – you can even stand up in them.  Ours has bed, stove and tons of cupboards as well as a trunk area for storage.  A small bathroom and a dinette that doubles as a single bed all make for a comfortable cabin although small.

We chose this as our retirement vehicle for our extended vacation in the future and as my everyday car for work, etc.  So fixing it and restoring it were high priorities and we had plenty of time.  When it came to restoration projects it was important we had plenty of space as well so we were fortunate for long driveways and necessary tools. Due to a disability it took many, many years to bring the camper to its current appearance.  It is at the stage inside where decisions need to be made that would directly affect the owner and thus there are things we have left, such as the dinette, which we had planned on making into an office desk/sitting area.

As for the mechanical issues that took lots of time and money.  The spreadsheet was a real eye-opener.  I have receipts for $11k plus another about $2.5k from the previous owner.  Our goal was to complete the work and any problems before we set out for our very extended trip and we’ve done that the best we can.  We continued to do so even when we knew we were probably going to opt for something bigger after living in it for a month with 2 adults and two 50-pound dogs while looking for a new home after moving across states.  Once snow hit we knew we had to go bigger.

We had time before retirement to complete the project.  In late 2009 disabilities hit which kept the trips to minimum times and close distances.  My use of the car for travel was minimum which kept the mileage low that would have otherwise accrued in the past decade.  We continued to make the repairs because it was our second car and it needed to be reliable.  It was also our weekend or vacation camper.

1989 Class B Repair List Spreadsheet

Because you might be thinking of buying an old van and fixing it up we thought it would be helpful to see the possible road one can embark on when taking on a  journey similar to ours.  I give you below our repair list, note that this is primarily only the mechanical issues and does not list curtain and flooring materials nor paint, sealants, etc.  I did include the fantastic vent, new waterpump and bathroom sink but the remainder is mechanical and I did not keep the upholstery and other receipts.  One last note before I go, those carpet and upholstery repairs required a lot of TIME and SPACE to work on the project.  There remains work to be done.  Remember that if you think you want to take on a similar project.

We will be selling “As Is” with no claims attached or rights of buyer outside of clear emissions report (January 2018) and clean title.  We are waiting for our new tags before we actually list her.


2007: The following is the original information from the seller’s ad:
Xplorer has a legendary reputation for their innovative and high quality construction methods, and this rig was all the envy when it rolled off the line in 1990. Its one-piece raised roof has two layers of fiberglass with structural foam injected in the middle to create an extremely solid and well-insulated unit that will never leak or rattle.
The floorplan makes maximum use of the vehicle’s 19-foot length to pack a full time down bed, bathroom, kitchen and dinette into a rig that its into a regular parking space. The chassis is a Dodge 350 Ram Van, so it’s plenty stout. The motor is the 360 cid V-8 with fuel injection. It has a fresh rebuilt 727 transmission with heavy duty transmission cooler. New tires all around and new ball joints up front. Lots of storage on board, including large basement. New linoleum floor and new ball joints up front. Lots of storage on board, including large basement. New linoleum floor and stainless steel backsplash in the kitchen. New batteries and many other extras. With under 90k miles on her, she’s got lots of years to go. This rig is truly unique, and shows the attention to detail that went into its construction. Besides that, she drives great!!! For two people who love to get away from it all, this rig is awesome! We figure we could last two weeks with provisions without over-stuffing the cupboards. Put your “Egg” in tow and have first class accomodations for two couples or a whole family.
The following receipts for work done were provided by the Oregon seller:
2004: (Van was owned by Vantastic Vans at this time)
Budget Master Rebuild by Transmission Masters, Alburquerque NM ($800.00)
2006 – Owner Peeks: (Oregon)
3/11/2006 New tires spin and balance ($834.36 Les Schwab, Albany, Oregon) $834.36
3/17/2006 Replace valve cover gaskets, replace vacuum lines needed, heater hose replaced, replace steering gear box and Idler arm, Replace upper ball joint, align, front end. (Continental Transmission Albany, OR $1261.04) $1,261.04 83,293
3/24/2006 New M.A.P. Sensor (Continental Transmission, Albany OR $187.52) $187.52 83,477
Totals for receipts provided before Logan ownership: $2,282.92
Current Owner – 2007 through Present:
7/4/2007 Shurflo Pump ($98.95), Table Legs ($29.95) plus misc. parts ($176.68 total Metro RV, Inc. Burbank, CA) $176.68
4/28/2007 Differential, Lube Oil & Filter, Transmission Flush, Smog Certificate and Inspection ($431.85 Alert Auto Repair Saugus, CA) $431.85
5/3/2007 Replace Ignition Coil ($223.88 Itech Auto Repair and Transmission) 223/88
5/15/2007 New water pump and belts ($397.47 Burbank Radiator Service Burbank CA) $397.47 88610
6/10/07 Starting System Check, Replace Ignition Coil, Tuneup, Replace Timing Belt,chain and gears, replace water pump gaskets ($2123.69 Jack Ellis Glendale Dodge) $2,123.69 89011
7/5/2007 2 new U-joints ($199.98 Big O Tires Jackson, CA) $199.98 89488
9/25/2007 2 Wheel Cyl plus misc. brake work ($620.59 Jack Ellis Glendale Dodge) $620.59 93406
August 2007 – All Repairs From Here On Were Done By Current Owner (In Colorado)
8/8/2007 Oil Change ($39.05 Grease Monkey Boulder CO) $39.05 92227
3/9/2009 Set Timing, Check Codes and Coolant Temp Sensor ($365.74 The Auto Shop Lakewood, CO) $365.74 97363
7/15/2011 New Car Battery ($69.95 Sears Lakewood) $69.95
9/3/2011 New Michelin LTX M/S tires, 60k miles, Lifetime Spin and repairs ($866.78 Discount Tire Lakewood CO) $866.78 104,219
12/15/2011 Brake System Inspection, Front Brake Service with Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set, W/MFG Gull Warranty, Ceramic brake service, front labor, F Severe Duty Pads, replace F Disc Brake Caliper Hardware or Bushings, F Disc Brake Rotor, Rear Break Service w/ltd lifetime Warranty disc pads or brake shoes, Drum Brake combo kit, flush brake system, fluid ($675.91 Brakes Plus Lakewood, CO) $675.91 104,687
Note: Turned Over first time and 100,000 to below mileages
2/18/2012 Remove and Replace Alternator Assembly ($158.67 PepBoys, Wheatridge, CO) $158.67 4,794
5/24/2012 Service and Oil change (40.71 Grease Monkey Lakewood) $40.71 5,041
3/13/2013 Marine Battery 24DC-DL Duralast ($129.40 AutoZone Lakewood) $120.37
4/8/2013 R & R front and rear U-joints and 2 new U joints ($241.04 The Auto Shop Lakewood) $241.04 5,719
4/26/2013 New Transmission Mount ($526.72 The Auto Shop Lakewood) $526.72 5,835
2014 –
8/19/2014 Replace Front Windshield w/new bracket and weatherseal (313 Safelite AutoGlass Lakewood) $313.00
3/6/2015 Install Quick Connect & Isolater, R&R Injectors, Fuel Pressure Rec, ISC Motor, Transmission Service, Coolant Temp Sensor and relay, oil change, etc. ($1,966.50 The Auto Shop Lakewood CO) $1,966.50 5,915
4/21/2015 Throttle POS. Sensor ($102.33 The Auto Shop Lakewood CO) $102.33 6,030
6/3/2015 Install Fantastic Vent Fan -Customer Supplied Product – Check Refrigerator, not repairable ($204 Nolan’s RV Denver CO) $204.00
Part: Dual-Speed Bi-Directional 12v RV Ceiling Fan $250.00
Replace Passenger Side Window Motor (302.28 Lakewood Auto Electric) $302.28 8,499
8/19/2017 Oil, filter and fulids. Safety Check. ($45.71 Grease Monkey Lakewood CO() $45.71 8,836
1/19/2018 Transmission Service, fluid, filter and gasket. New Rear Output Yoke, Radiator ($768.45 Advanced Transmission Center Lakewood CO) $768.45 8,854
Totals for repair receipts available and paid by current owner 2007 through present (does not include restoration material such as paint, sealant, carpet, etc.) : $11,007.47
Receipts on file for work done prior to current owner: $2,282.92
Total Receipts On File for repairs: $13,290.39

It might be interesting to note the mileage as the repairs progressed.  I’ll be adding restoration photos in upcoming blogs such as how I got the carpet to fit tight to the wall by painting the edges, how I insulated the engine dog house cover, the making of the screen door, etc.  Ya all come back ya heer?

“CARROTS…..” “Get Your Nice Crunchy Carrots Here…..”

 I always made a habit of enthusiastically and somewhat loudly yelling “Biscuits” in my most excited voice whenever it was time to give my dogs their “B’s” as we referred to them in code when they were near.

This was a game that would stop them in their tracks and cause them to come running through the door from the far corner of the yard.  This game paid off when two of my dogs got out and were discovered from afar walking merrily down the neighborhood street.  Rather than running after them I yelled in a voice worthy of a hotdog vendor at a Dodger game “BISCUITS!!!!”  “BISCUITS!”  “BIS…..CUITS!!” and watched as they came running.  My tired body at the time said a respectful thankyou to the universe for not making me run after them.

Years later one of those dogs is still among us along with a new partner in crime she hangs around with.  I kept up the tradition of calling excitedly the biscuit declaration although recently with a

Bunches of carrots in bright orange and green screams vitamins along with the crunch.
Crispy carrots satisfy the crunch of a dog biscuit but can be softer to an older dog’s aged teeth.

twist.   As our dog Zeba has gotten older we’ve replaced the hard biscuits with the crunchy carrots as they are easier on her teeth and she gets a good dose of vitamins to chew on.  Both dogs prefer the carrots to the old B’s.

As the new neighbor and new dog moved in recently my dog’s love of carrots has paid off well for getting them to come in away from the fence without making me walk out there.  I simply stand at the back door and excitedly proclaim there are carrots to be had and they are soon running to beat each other for the yellow stick of crunch.


The Cat Who Came In From The Cold

Remembering Wonka


We are dog people.  Always have been.  Cats, cute but no, we like dogs.

Dogs don’t scare me!

Then we met Wonka.  We liked her so much we managed to talk daughter into letting us keep her cat.  Never thought we would share our house with a cat (we ended up having 2 of them during our cat years.)

Wonka was the perfect cat.  Just the right mix of I’ll cuddle with you and leave me alone to make both your life and hers compatible.  And she was comfortable around our dogs.  Above you’ll see her lying on the bed with our dog Zeba.  Notice Zeba sees me and thinks I’m there to rub her belly.

Wonka Spends Year At A Campground

The recent loss of one of RTR’s tribe’s kitty brought back the terrible memory of losing our precious Wonka at a campground in Grand Junction.  We don’t know how she got out.  We looked for her for two days and nights before heartbreakingly heading for home several hours away.  The loss was devestating.

We called the KOA office, sent a photo, called regularly for awhile to see if anyone found her.  We went on with a hole in our hearts.

A year after this event we went back and stayed at the campground again and again I asked, looked and hoped.  The next morning I got up and went walking around the park again.   I let out my “kit-tee, kit-tee, kit-eee” high-pitched vocalization that I had often used to call her to meals and to come inside over the several years she had been with us.  Suddenly I saw a head pop out from some bushes.  This dirt-covered cat “resembled” Wonka, my heart skipped a beat – could this really be her after all this time?  I called to her again and she came out.  She didn’t come right up to me but she followed me back to the camper.  She then let me pick her up and I took her inside and wiped her off.  I pulled up pictures of Wonka to compare them to this cat.  Hot damn, it was really Wonka!

We had a couple more years with our beloved cat to which we have always felt more than blessed for.  I send out to the universe love and prayers for all missing pets and a sending a special hug to  a fellow camper.




WE ARE BACK after 4 + months of  me (Christine) being laid up after a fall in which I sprained both feet and hurt several other things.  While I am not at 100% yet I am finally able to wear regular shoes and have stopped laying awake for 2 hours in the morning with foot pain and not wanting to get out of bed.


One thing I learned while off was that downsizing had to continue to be my priority.  I had gotten too excited about things I could do with my website that I was spending time on the computer where I should be scanning papers and photos.  None of either was done once the fall happened due to a good ole’ bout of depression for being housebound once again in my life.

So now that I’m back the webpages will become places of information we can use on the road and blogs that relate to our downsizing project, trailer research or anything else future nomads may share an interest in.  Videos will continue but in order to put out quality I am throwing schedule out the window.  I’m not a You-Tuber who relies on that for income (heck, I’ve got a whole 5 subscribers to date!) so I am not turning it into a job.

2017 Travel Trailer 15 to 25 foot Review and Primer

2017 Brochures Line R&C’s walls

We are currently working on the above titled video.  We’ve spent four years looking, researching and learning about travel trailers.  Much of what we know now we sure wish we had known when we started out.  So I thought it would be a useful video for many future travelers out there.  We hope to finish it within the next two weeks and will announce it here.  Update 2/16/18:  We are awaiting more parts to our camera system, seems a part we need I can’t get in a store so it’ll be maybe another 2 weeks and I’ll update here when it’s ready.  Worth the wait I hope!  And we are getting closer to knowing how to choose the right trailer for our 2-year trip!

How We Make Our Dog Food (Recipe Day)

We live with two 50-pound dogs, both mixes –  one a rescue and the other a shelter dog.  One of them, our collie mix, has had a problem with irritation on the outside of her nose due to food allergies.  The vet put her on prednisone and informed us she would need to take them the rest of her life.  After about 10 days she began falling when she tried to get up or go up stairs.  We took her off the prednisone (gradually as required) and started serving her a “human food-grade” dog food which is dehydrated and mixed with water before serving.  The dogs enjoyed it but the consistency was more like baby food.  It was expensive and sometimes difficult to find.  When our local Sprouts stopped carrying the larger size we,  daughter taught us how she makes it.

Our collie’s walking health returned and her nose cleared up.  The second dog, who never moaned and pawed for meals began letting me know it was time to eat if I wasn’t quick enough.  THEY LOVE IT. The ingredients are simple – meat or chicken plus one (or a mix of) long-grain white rice, quinoa or oats plus a mix of veggies from the list below.  The dogs much prefer a carrot the size of very fat quarter over one you can’t see in a dehydrated mix.

I researched the net and came up with two lists below.  One of foods not to give your dog and the other foods that I read are safe to give your dog.  You should always do your own research because I claim no responsibility and state I am not a qualified expert (proper disclaimer, eh?)

Here are the two lists:

DO NOT Feed Dogs The Foods On This List:

  • Raw Meat
  • Fried Foods
  • Fatty Foods
  • Moldy Foods
  • Grapes
  • Raisins
  • Currants
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Chives
  • Salty Foods or Snacks (occasional chip OK)
  • Turkey Skin or Bones
  • Ice Cream
  • Raw Eggs
  • Tomatoes
  • Raw Potatoes
  • Avocado
  • Chocolate
  • Cinnamon
  • Almonds
  • Macadamia Nuts
  • Persimmons
  • Peaches
  • Plums
  • ***XYLITOL – a sugar substitute.  Check foods for this, especially peanut butter!

“YES” Food List For Dogs

  • Cooked Shrimp or Fish (no bones, not more than twice a week)
  • Cooked Turkey (no bones, no skin)
  • Cooked Pork
  • Cooked Chicken
  • Cooked Eggs
  • Lean Meat
  • Cooked Rice
  • Cooked Quinoa
  • Oatmeal
  • Fresh Corn (not canned)
  • Coconut
  • Unsalted Cashews
  • Carrots
  • Pumpkin
  • Green Beans
  • Baked Sweet Potatoes
  • Apples (no seeds)
  • Oranges
  • Bananas
  • Watermelon
  • Cucumber
  • Zucchini
  • Celery
  • Cooked Broccoli (less than 10% of the meal)
  • Bread
  • Yogurt
  • Cheese (Small Amounts)
  • Honey For Allergies (1 T 2 x Day)
  • Peanut Butter Raw and Unsalted NO XYLITOL (an artificial sweetner harmful to dogs)
The above lists are compiled from various sources through the internet and no claims of accuracy are stated or implied.

Recipe For Dog Food

There is no set recipe that we use.  We vary the proportions to what we have on hand and gage the amount based on the ingredients going in.  Below is a typical list of ingredients and methods.

Two Packages 1-1/3 Pound Lean Ground Beef Cooked Well (Two + 2/3 Pounds Total)

1 Cup Long Grain White Rice + 1 Cup Quinoa + 4 Cups Water.  Steam in rice cooker until done (or see package directions for additional cooking methods)

6 Carrots, sliced

1 small bag frozen green beans or equivalent fresh

1 Yam or Sweet Potato Sliced

A handful of Broccoli

Steam the vegetables until just starting to get tender.  Do not overcook.

Mix the cooked beef, the cooked rice/quinoa mix and the steamed vegetables.  Divide into containers.  Refrigerate what you will use in the next 2 days and freeze the rest until needed.

NOTE:  I usually get two 8-Cup containers.  We feed our dogs 3/4 Cup+ in the morning and 1 Cup at night each.  Each container lasts us 2 days.  Therefore, we make enough for 4 days for two dogs.

We keep a good quality dry dogfood on hand in case we run low on ingredients.

We will continue to update these lists as new information is discovered.






Bear Camp Video

Sunday’s video tells our bear camp story in video.  It’s another short one coming in under 4 minutes of your time.

The filmora learning continues.  The dreaded splice and cut has finally been figured out so here it is:

With the black paddle in the position you want the video split, click the scissors to make the cut.  You now have the choice of deleting the right side or the left side by highlighting your choice and then clicking delete.  I was able to also find the audio editor and extend the audio duration for the story boards.  And finally, I split and then deleted the music score at the end of the video so it didn’t continue to play.  I have a few more items to figure out (it would have been nice to have faded the river sound for this bear story video) and then I will be making an introductory video tutorial for the filmora editing software.

Downsizing: Chameleon Bookshelf Tool

Step into my world … the continual changing of the items held in the physical space of my home.  It’s part of the Journey To Getting There and the “there” is fulltime RVing.

2 Bookshelf Downsizing Sorting Space

Bookshelves for sorting to downsize.
Sorting shelves for condensing and dispensing.

Above is my normal bedroom mess and ongoing downsizing project.  I’ll be doing a video shortly and even if that video is taken tomorrow you will likely see a significant change in the appearance of the above.  It is continually changing as  items are dealt with.   What goes on the shelf primarily represents items I would like to bring if I have the space, but it also holds items which I am in the process of disposing of.  For example, the top shelf holds a box of photos and slides I want to scan as well as a CD collection I am transferring to flash drives.

Bins Versus Bags

On the left next to one bookshelf you’ll notice some plastic bins which are currently holding clothing .  I discovered that flexible  cloth or vinyl bags will hold so much more than ridgid stackable bins.  And the best bags I found for holding large amounts – such as every top a woman owns in one bag, are called weekender bags.

Weekemder Bag and In-line luggage photo.
Pink weekender bag next to in-line tier luggage on couch.

Target online has been carrying a good selection of women’s weekender bags.   For the men I found some good-size duffle bags on Amazon that show promise.  Aside from clothing I am using a weekender bag for my sheets and a Trader Joe’s Bag for dish towels and such.  Insulated lunch bags are good for small electronics .  The variety of patterns of bags makes it easy to find what one is searching for.  Learning where things are now is much easier then learning on the road.  Some things will be transferred to cupboards but the change of seasonal clothing is still likely to be stored in the RV bin until needed. The ability to fold the  bag material down to conserve storage space is a plus.

Why am I packing so far in advance of going?

The two largest pieces of furniture we own are a long maple dresser and a two-piece maple hutch with glass shelves on the top portion.  These two items can hold a boatload of items and clothing.  Things that would stay hidden and not dealt with.  Things one isn’t even sure of what one has because it is hidden or just sitting on a shelf  or in a drawer and forgotten.

By removing these two items now (1) we have plenty of time to sell the pieces instead of giving them away on moving day and (2) we are forced to deal with every single item now and get it over with.  I’ll be doing videos showing various ways I have packed items to make it easy to function with now and to make take-off time a piece of cake.

In the meantime, my best advice to you if you are on the same journey, is to save boxes, bags, etc.  to use as you downsize.  One single item might end up in 5 different places as you find it fits better elsewhere then where you put it last week.  Dealing with your stuff over and over makes you realize :

  • if you need it or not
  • if it is convenient to get to
  • if it is in a place you will find it later

And finally, the number one reason to deal with your stuff well before your trip is to realize how much you are willing to give up or not.  You might have your eye on the low price tag of that single-axle cute red and white trailer but find you need more than 800 pounds of cargo weight and a bit more storage and start shopping for a dual axle that will accommodate you. and what you want to bring besides food, water and clothes.   Then you will know if your tow vehicle is adequate.

Walk The River With Us

Cache La Poudre Riverbank.
Cache La Poudre River taken on a previous trip several years ago.

As you know, we recently spent Labor Day vacation on the Cache La Poudre River.  The first thing we did before we left on the trip was to charge everything that could be charged.  We used  a variety of cameras and I tried out my custom cell phone tripod.  That will be featured in an upcoming post.  The video was shot using a Samsung Galaxy 8+ cell phone.

Here is the 5 minute video along the beautiful Cache La Poudre River at Dutch George Campground off Hwy 14 in the Poudre Wilderness area in Colorado:.

Note that I have not yet mastered filmora and do not yet know how to cut and splice.  Therefore, this version will serve later for learning those features.  I did, however, want to get one of the scenic videos up for viewing.

Techno Note:  I took six short videos and imported each to the timeline in a predetermined order.  I then added an opening text credit and another video previously created in filmora. using techniques discribed in yesterday’s blog.   A black background with yellow text board was added at the very end  (created in Gimp2) which provides some idea of what our website is about.




filmora 2 – Downloading Filmora & Tutorial Links

Welcome to Page 2 in our filmora tutorial series.  This is the page you’ll want to refer to while learning filmora as well as it provides the download link for the program.  I put together information I searched for and learned prior to and immediately after downloading the program.  I kept my notes and am providing some helpful info here for the taking.  I left out a lot of links that seemed to waste my time.  Experienced users will gain more from the video tutorials out on the net than will true beginners because often the teachers assume we know basics and they speed teach.  Thus I created this series.

Link for downloading filmora:

Download the trial or full version  of filmora and learn with me.  

Free filmora version vs. paid filmora 8.3.5 version

The difference between the free trial version and the full version is primarily a watermark appears across your video which can be removed after you purchase the program.  

The difference between the old and new products is explained via the link below:

The  difference between the old Video Editor and the current filmora 

ACTIVATION link for effects download.  After you download the full feature version you can add free offerings to your program.  The effects download was available when I purchased the program early September 2017.  This link took me to a FAQ page.  One of the questions asked and asnwered was, “How do I download all built-in special effects?”

Another question showed how to get free software by sharing to your friends on Facebook.  Note that you can also buy software in the store section of

Filmora Tutorial Links

RoadtripsAndCampfires Tutorial Series

The Basics Of Getting Started With filmora Video Editing Software

I decided to create a step-by-step written and pictorial series as I learn to use filmora video editing software.  This page is page 2 of the series (Downloading Filmora and Tutorial Links).  Pages 1 and 3 explore the function keys and program menus.  Page 4 will provide access to two short sample videos I made while exploring the product.  Page 5 will start a project that you can substitute with your own selections as we create and use the program to complete the project.  But go ahead and download the free trial now and play at will.  Come back to the series when you are ready to continue with Page 3.

The link to the complete series will appear under the Techno Content Link under the banner of our page.  Many of the links given on this page 2 of our series are for video tutorials created by others and are identified by subject manner.  Click the green text to activate the link.

THIS PAGE WILL UPDATE PERIODICALLY AS LINKS ARE ADDED.  This page can be found through the Techno Category Link located above the blog space area and below the top page banner.

Video filmora Tutorials By Various Artists (Links)


An overview of features is presented in video by KinTutsPro.  While he does zip through things  a bit fast for teaching, knowing what is possible with the program is an important knowledge base.

EDIT and SPLIT VIDEO and AUDIO FILES in filmora is a good tutorial showing the steps to achieve creating one video from several.

A helpful link from Roadtrips And Campfires is the file format extension list to understand different file types.

Jump Cuts and Frame-By-Frame Scrolling

This Jump Cut Video explains cutting out large sections of silence or out-takes, unwanted video, so that your final product runs smooth from start to finish.

Filmora Learning Center  is a hodge podge of info that I often found confusing and decided to return to at a later date.


9/5/2017  @ 6:47 PM Update Link:  Wondershare Guide.  So far this is helping but I am still having difficulties moving the items within the timeline.  Also, I do not understand how adjusting the frame along the timeline effects the file.  Still a lot to learn but trudging on …..


9/6/17 @ 7:36 PM Update Link:  How to add and manipulate text.  Great tutorial from Heidi at filmora.

Another Reminder:  THIS PAGE WILL UPDATE PERIODICALLY AS LINKS ARE ADDED.  This page can be found through the Techno Category Link located above the blog space area and below the top page banner.

filmora products: (current 9/2017)



Filmora Scrn

Effects Store

What’s New




filmora 1 – Work Area and Menus

Today’s blog begins instructions for using filmora video editing program, which I am currently learning.  The trial program is free and can be downloaded here to use while you learn the program with me.  The difference between the trial version and the full version is primarily a watermark appears across your video which can be removed after you purchase the program.  So bookmark this page, download the trial and learn with me.  NOTE:  The next blog will provide instructions and tips on downloading the program.


As is  normal habit when learning a program, I like to make notes and explore menus before digging in too deep.  Thus I decided to put my notes here for others who might benefit from them.

(Note when programs other then filmora are used on these pages they will be referenced.)

After opening filmora, select either 4:3 or 16:9 ratio (16:9 is common) and mode (easy or full featured).  The following working screen will then appear if full featured is selected.  I’ve added red overlays showing the 3 work areas:

Screen shot of filmora work screen.
A “prt sc” key was activated to the image on the pc which copies it. Gimp 2, an image editing software, was then opened and the image was copied into the page and the red text showing the working areas was added.  It was then exported as a JPEG then added to this post.

filmora Main Navigation Area

Across the left top section are drop down menus:  File, Edit, Export, Help and Register.  Selections within these menus are as follows:

filmora main screen FILE menu.







(Note from Christine:  As you can see from the above File menu and the below Edit menu, I did not pay enough attention to the text style and size when creating the JPEGs of these two menus in Gimp2. )




This chart was made in Open Office spreadsheet and copied into GIMP2. The resolution is terrible but I’m showing various ways to create and how that might come out.

The Output Column under the Export-Create-Video Button contains small thumbnails for document, cell phone, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and DVD (left off the graphic above).  I prefer to save the video in my directory using the proper file format (MPEG-4 for YouTube).  See the file format list or Google the question what is the file format for ____?  I then upload the video when I am in YouTube directly from my pc.  I will be working with the mobile apps for this program once I am familar with the pc software.

Things are not running smoothly in Windows 10 (CORRECTION:  I checked my display for the size of the text on screen and it was at 150%.  When I changed that to 125% the app fit into the screen correctly.  I’ll update the status of how smooth it runs after this change somewhere on page 3.)  My workscreen area for filmora was extending beyond the pc visual screen and I could not access everything.  It also ws hard to get back to a page. so hopefully that will improve.

The formats listed are:

WMV, MP4, AVI, MOV, F4V, MKV, TS, 3GP, MPEG-2, WEBM, GIF and MP3.  (See link for definitions of these file format extensions).

The right side has information  or input boxes as follows:

Output descriptions

Name:  (what you input here names your video)

Save To:  (the current save to path will appear here which you may change).

Resolution:  720 x 480

[SETTINGS] Settings button

Size 4MB

Duration 00:00:20

[EXPORT] Export button

Additional screen functions and features will be discussed in the next blog on this topic and will follow soon.  The links to all the posts will be listed under the Techno Category page always found below the magazine banner.

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