How We’ve Camped

Christine’s first Class B. Note the cupboards built into the doors. Aluminet covered several of the windows and a piece often draped over the open door area.

Having camped since our young adult lives during good portions of summers going back decades, we have sampled more than one camping lifestyle.  It seemed fitting to include an overall view of our camping lifestyles over the years, through the present with some notes on possible future considerations.

Class B at Red Rock State Park CA
Christine owned this Class B which once belonged to her Aunt Jean. Photo Red Rock State Park CA. The green tent setup on the right was her first tent.
1983 Chalet Alpine Lite. Theme inspired by family chili restaurant, painting inspired by Sisters On The Fly whom Christine briefly was a member of this wonderful group.







Christine designed this logo for a Yahoo Chat group of folding A-frame campers she belonged to.

Not shown was Wayne’s pickup with camper shell which held our equipment and tent on both California and Oregon trips early in our marriage.

Not shown is a home-made tent trailer we purchased and had to erect an army tent (heavy) on poles after opening up the metal frame.  We have no known photos but I believe one of the Oregon videos not yet up on the site has us loading it back up after a long camping trip.

Not Shown:  After the tent trailer we purchased an old Winnebago MH and loved it.  However, after a trip to northern California we decided we wanted something less wide and less tall and we bought the 1993 Chalet Alpine Lite folding Aframe camper.  I believe the Aframe was made during the time before Chalet and Aliner became the two separate companies after the partner split.

We are not new to RV restoration. The A-frame had floor rot and we made a new floor
The 2nd Class B, a 1989 Dodge 350 High Top in Pike Forest, CO. Coleman Instant Shade for people and dogs.

We rebuilt the entire floor of the Chalet as well as inside structure.  It was quite a project.  Eventually we replaced the Chalet with the Class B.  We’ll be adding some photos to the restoration projects page.

In the Pike Forest photo you can see the Coleman Instant Shade tent.  We bought this years ago when we owned the Chalet and used it up until it just gave out last year.  It was so easy to set up and take down and provided shade for us and the dogs.  We plan to sell our large tent after we purchase our trailer and perhaps get a smaller Coleman Instant tent just to give us some outside storage and a place to take a nap outside on the cots and away from the bugs.

New look for the old van.
This is the 1989 Dodge that was once white with brown stripes. The paint job was just one of many projects Christine took on and we will be adding photos of several of those projects to aid others in their restoration efforts.
Wayne with Camp Chef Oven.
Wayne cooking with the Camp Chef Oven. This oven features a one burner stovetop with a small side grill making it a great take along. Weight is 38 pounds.
Cabela's shower tent is sturdy and large.
This older Cabela’s Shower Tent has about a 3′ x 3′ floor and a sturdy pole system. Note the porta potty inside and how much room there still is.

Cooking inside when it is hot is not fun.  We like this bring-along so we can sit in comfortable chairs and outside while we prepare meals.

Cooking inside when one is in bear country brings all kinds of scents into your tent or RV, the kind we prefer to avoid when in bear country.



This Cabelas Shower Tent is a little heavy due to the strong pole system.  We used to take it to the Rose Bowl with a carpet inside and full length mirror when we worked the swap meet there.  Customers loved it as they could see how they look before buying the merchandise.

This is a very nice addition to camping equipment when you have the space and allowable weight.  Keeps the inside of the camper a bit fresher.  I once put a small round kid’s pool inside and filled with water to shave my legs (Christine is writing this, not Wayne!)

Wayne resting in a lounge chair.
Wayne before the REI cot.

Before the REI cots we had the usual lounge chairs.  The cots are much more comfortable for sleeping and have adjustable feet for uneven surfaces.  They probably take up the same amount of space with the cots being a bit heavier.

Our current tent (July 2017) is a 9-person  Coleman Prairie Breeze tent with battery operated fan and windows on all sides.  We love it.  Not all RV campsites have room to put up a tent but we are often in a forest or desert using traditional camping sites and are able to have the best of both worlds – the Class B parked close to the tent.

Using a 5-lb. propane tank and a lantern propane pole allows the light to be moved around the campground easily and this small tank, unlike the disposable propane bottles, can be refilled which is better for the environment!  Wayne made a stabilizer platform because we have dogs.

The future is likely to bring a new trailer to go with the truck.  We have looked at trailers for four years, two of those years we have seriously looked at them.  We learned a lot about trailers and have started sharing this information with you on our blogs.  We have almost decided between two floor plans and sizes but really would like to wait and see what the 2018 RV shows bring before making the final decision.

Not shown but worth the mention is a solar shower.  This is simply a black bag on a hanger with a hose and shower nozzle.  Fill it with water (ours holds 5 gallons) and place it in the sun.  We use it to wash up, wash dishes, wash hair and cool off – all depending upon how much water is available at the time.  It is a boondocking must as it saves a lot of water when doing dishes.

Walker that doubles as a transport chair.
There are times I need assistance walking. This walker doubles as a transport chair and our dog Henry decided it was his turn. The wheels on this chair are made for terrain such as this and even the portable oven fits on it making it ideal for carrying items around the camp site.


This gives you an idea of how we’ve camped through the years and gives you the idea we love being outdoors but do like the comforts of home!

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