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Glacier Lodge 1988

The original lodge was built in 1917 and destroyed by fire in 1967, rebuilt in 1967, then destroyed by an avalanche in 1967.  Glacier Lodge was again rebuilt in 1969 and is shown below in a 1988 photo.  Scroll to the bottom for an area map.

Photo of Glacier Lodge 1988.
Glacier Lodge circa 1988.

It remained the building known as Glacier Lodge until it was destroyed by another fire in 1998.  Currently one of the cabins, which were unharmed during the fire, serves as the new Lodge until a replacement can be built.  Below are photos of the lodge dining room as seen in 1988  and the lake map that used to hang in  Glacier Lodge.  This page rounds out with a hand drawn map showing the area around the lodge and points of interest.

A photo of the Lodge dining room before the 1988 fire.
The Dining Room of The Lodge in 1988.
Map from pre-fire days.
The old Lodge had a painted map on the wall showing the area lakes.
Photo of Glacier Lodge Cabins.
Some of Glacier Lodge Cabins 1988.










Map of Glacier Lodge and nearby Points of Interest

Map of Glacier Lodge and surrounding area.
Glacier Lodge Map showing Big Pine, Bishop and Lake Sabrina. NOT TO SCALE.

Visit the Glacier Lodge Website for rates and information.

Tomorrow’s blog provides information of the campsites in the areas.