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“CARROTS…..” “Get Your Nice Crunchy Carrots Here…..”

 I always made a habit of enthusiastically and somewhat loudly yelling “Biscuits” in my most excited voice whenever it was time to give my dogs their “B’s” as we referred to them in code when they were near.

This was a game that would stop them in their tracks and cause them to come running through the door from the far corner of the yard.  This game paid off when two of my dogs got out and were discovered from afar walking merrily down the neighborhood street.  Rather than running after them I yelled in a voice worthy of a hotdog vendor at a Dodger game “BISCUITS!!!!”  “BISCUITS!”  “BIS…..CUITS!!” and watched as they came running.  My tired body at the time said a respectful thankyou to the universe for not making me run after them.

Years later one of those dogs is still among us along with a new partner in crime she hangs around with.  I kept up the tradition of calling excitedly the biscuit declaration although recently with a

Bunches of carrots in bright orange and green screams vitamins along with the crunch.
Crispy carrots satisfy the crunch of a dog biscuit but can be softer to an older dog’s aged teeth.

twist.   As our dog Zeba has gotten older we’ve replaced the hard biscuits with the crunchy carrots as they are easier on her teeth and she gets a good dose of vitamins to chew on.  Both dogs prefer the carrots to the old B’s.

As the new neighbor and new dog moved in recently my dog’s love of carrots has paid off well for getting them to come in away from the fence without making me walk out there.  I simply stand at the back door and excitedly proclaim there are carrots to be had and they are soon running to beat each other for the yellow stick of crunch.