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Sorting Small Items

After we moved across states we found we were not as organized as one would like.  Similar or same items were in various boxes and places.  To continue our downsizing we first needed to get rid of duplicates and unnecessary items.  We had a shelf I began filling with boxes purchased at Michael’s which I labeled with various titles such as light bulbs, remotes, hair supplies, etc.  These were various things that would end up throughout the house which slowly began to be grouped together.  I found the different colors and patterns helped me find the right box quickly in addition to arranging them alphabetically.  As an item was dealt with I’d make a different label.

I used my coupons of 40% off on a weekly basis to amass my collection.  Eventually all items in these boxes were dealt with and they went on to hold and organize other things.  Now only a few boxes remain.  The photo was taken in 2012.

I really liked this system and it did help me to whittle down the small loose stuff.

I blew up a photo to read the old labels and thought I’d list them here to give you an idea of how I used them (I could get 3 lines on a label, I list them horizontally here):

Cell Phones, Cell Chargers, Cell Headsets

Clothes Pins

Crochet and Craft, Etc.

Film, Tapes, Etc.

Flash Drives, Scan Discs, Floppy Discs & Drive (<— old huh!!)

Garmin GPS

House Phones and 2-way Radios


Kodak Camera

Misc. Business Cards, Etc.

Monster Cables



Office Supplies – Misc. Staples, Etc.

Pens & Pencils

Rechargeable Batteries & Chargers




Sony Direct DVD



USB Cables

Zippers & Elastic

Plus 2 blanks for misc. sorting.

So whatever you tend to have a lot of and is small makes for a good label.  This helped me find missing parts to electronics and other items.

Then you kind of duplicate this system using bigger boxes for other items one needs to deal with until one day you can put the sorting away and move the few items left into your tiny house.