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Smartphones Are Now Welcome In My World

We finally got smart phones last year.  With our plan to take off drawing closer we realized for us the ability to connect on the internet via a phone is a convenience we would like to have.  Yes, we’ve traveled thousands of miles with maps and notes for decades of years and gotten there and have seen it just fine.  There isn’t really any need for explaining the why a smartphone is almost a necessity for travel these days as any reader here would know.  GPS, directions, Gas Buddy apps, travel info, and even entertainment and of course, a safety item when it has reception.

Thank You To YouTube!

The learning curve is not easy for most electronics these days because manuals are incomplete or almost non existent.  Thank goodness for YouTube!  And thank you to all the creators who are good at explaining and strive to be accurate and informative.

 I am surviving my senior years because of you.

I was able to watch hours of videos before  the arrival of my latest gadget, a GoPro Hero 6. Yesterday I watched the setup videos.  I am proud to say I only concluded once that it had to go back.  I stuck with it and although it took me most of a day I managed to get it connected and updated.