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The Cat Who Came In From The Cold

Remembering Wonka


We are dog people.  Always have been.  Cats, cute but no, we like dogs.

Dogs don’t scare me!

Then we met Wonka.  We liked her so much we managed to talk daughter into letting us keep her cat.  Never thought we would share our house with a cat (we ended up having 2 of them during our cat years.)

Wonka was the perfect cat.  Just the right mix of I’ll cuddle with you and leave me alone to make both your life and hers compatible.  And she was comfortable around our dogs.  Above you’ll see her lying on the bed with our dog Zeba.  Notice Zeba sees me and thinks I’m there to rub her belly.

Wonka Spends Year At A Campground

The recent loss of one of RTR’s tribe’s kitty brought back the terrible memory of losing our precious Wonka at a campground in Grand Junction.  We don’t know how she got out.  We looked for her for two days and nights before heartbreakingly heading for home several hours away.  The loss was devestating.

We called the KOA office, sent a photo, called regularly for awhile to see if anyone found her.  We went on with a hole in our hearts.

A year after this event we went back and stayed at the campground again and again I asked, looked and hoped.  The next morning I got up and went walking around the park again.   I let out my “kit-tee, kit-tee, kit-eee” high-pitched vocalization that I had often used to call her to meals and to come inside over the several years she had been with us.  Suddenly I saw a head pop out from some bushes.  This dirt-covered cat “resembled” Wonka, my heart skipped a beat – could this really be her after all this time?  I called to her again and she came out.  She didn’t come right up to me but she followed me back to the camper.  She then let me pick her up and I took her inside and wiped her off.  I pulled up pictures of Wonka to compare them to this cat.  Hot damn, it was really Wonka!

We had a couple more years with our beloved cat to which we have always felt more than blessed for.  I send out to the universe love and prayers for all missing pets and a sending a special hug to  a fellow camper.